Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Farther's Day/Birthday Day

Good Morning everyone. :) What a busy weekend, spent Father's Day with my ex's father and I'll see mine some time next week.. Had a little birthday party on Monday for my ex it was cute and a hell lot of fun. 

Brad's birthday card and gifts. 

Some sad news they started knocking down my old elementary school. I'm a little torn. It was always a dream of mine that my kids one day would go to the same elementary school I went too, but once it closed a while back it tugged at my heart strings now i kinda just want to cry with all the awesome memory I have of that place. 
This is the back of the school and what they have knocked down so far.

I was watching Vevo TV this morning and these to music videos came on one right after another and I'm kinda disgusted by them. One Avril has gone down the drain. I don't like any of her new stuff and I know she's only trying to keep up with whats trending now but still.. and Two, PSY... thats all I have to say..

Stupid Video #1

Stupid Video #2

TMZ has reported that Tracy Morgan's Doctors upgraded his conditon, showing strong signs of improvement. I hope he's going to be okay, he always has me in stitches and I would be sad to see him go.

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Here are some scenery photos I have taken and some more crazy cat photos.

I spotted Big Foot !! 

Sadie when she first came home.

Brad. (Moosey is my nickname.)

Primroses .&&. Eddie (R.I.P. Eddie)

Oh yeah just got paid 30 dollars to make another Star Wars Alphabet picture !! :) 

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