Tuesday, June 17, 2014

50+ Things About Me

1. My name is Macy.
2. I like to spell it M-a-c-e-y. 
3. My birthday is November 17th. 
4. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. 
5. I love to read. 
6. Im a very very very big Beatles fan. 
7. Love vampires. 
8. I have 1 black cat 2 bearded deagons and 1 blue tonuge skink 
9. I like all kinds of music. 
10. Dont have a job. 
11. Dont go to school. 
12. Addicted to Farmville 2 at the moment. 
13. Owner of an iphone 4
14. My favorite color is purple. 
15. My favorite animal is horses and cats. 

16. Im a very crafty person. 

17. My favorite actor crush is Johnny Depp. 

18. My favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland 

19. Diamonds are not my best friends. 

20. The last movie i seen in the theather was Captain America 2 

21. My favorite tv shows at the moment are Once Upon A Time, BIg Bang Theory, Games of Thrones, True Blood, CSI, 

22. Im barley ever up for breakfast

23. My middle name is Lynn

24. I dont like to eat Octopus, goat or rabbit 

25. My favorite kind of chips are salt and vingar and sour cream and onion

26. When i was little i wanted to be a teacher, that didnt happen...

27. Last book i read i cant think of tge name, but it made me all tingly inside it was really good. 

28. I dont drive 

29. Favorite restaurant is Taphouse

30. I make my self laugh all the time. 

31. My idea of perfect day is just relaxing by a fireplace with a cup of tea and a good book 

32. My pets names are Shadow (cat), Reptar (beared dragon), Stubby (bearded dragon w. A stubbed tail) and Reggie (blue tonuge skink) 

33 favorite super villian - the riddler and galactus 

34. Favorite season is Spring and Fall. 

35. Im in a 5 year relationship

36. I learned to played the flute and clarinet 

37. I own an xbox360, GameCube, and a 3DS XL
38. My bathroom is blue and white 
39. My favorite sport to watch is hockey
40. I broke my front tooth. 
41. Embarrassing moment - going to middle school with no front tooth 
42. Favorite candy is anything sour
43. Favorite food is pizza and hamburgers 
44. Favorite drink is orange soda and 2 mixed drinks. 
45. I was raped at 15... 
46. I like my tea w. Extra cream and extra sugar 
47. Favorite superheroes are green arrow, wolverine, 
48. Ive only slept with one guy
49. I tried to learn how to play the guitar 
50. I love to cook. Hate to wash the dishes
51. I sometimes get called Marcy. 
52. I'm 5'3
53. Mostly Portuguese with a drop of French.
54. Im Atheist, yet respect all religions. 

Any questions? Just ask. 

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