Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th.

Wow were to start, it hasn't stopped raining.. the crazies are out today.. and idk what else. lol

My tomatoes !! I can't wait for them to actually bloom !! :)

I came home to my cat like this. Not a day goes by where my cat isn't laying somewhere weird. If you follow my blog there are some more crazy photos like this to come. 

Tonight I made pasta w. Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits. They are so good !! :D and a must try I am definitely by some more when I go back to Walmart !! 

I finally got to frame it and take a picture for the world to see !! now to wrap it up and give it as a birthday gift on Monday. :) 

Another Birthday Gift. Dwight Schrute quote from The Office.

My ex's birthday is on Monday and I'll be working on his gifts this weekend. You must be thinking "but he's your ex why are you giving him a gift?" I must have heard that a million times, well I still live with him and were best friends, I'm not going to throw 5 years together away just like that... but anyways I plan on making one of thous big Candy Birthday Cards on one of thous folding poster boards. So when he comes home from work on Monday morning he will see it all propped up on the table with his gifts. :) F.Y.I. his gifts are always Semi-Homemade. 

oh yeahhh... I almost forgot...
this is what I got done so far, I haven't worked on it in while. My hand has been bothering me and with my ex's birthday coming up I probably wont be working on it till Tuesday so I just wanted to share what I have done so far..

Free Pattern from Country Cross Stitch Magazine.

Mushroomhead released a new video for there new CD !!  Video is very creepy at the beginning and there is some swearing.

And I told you me cat likes to go in weird places.. this is what she likes to do now.. go in his tank and drink his water. 

Shadow in Reggie's tank drinking his water, and Reggie is eating his cat food. 


  1. Your Star Wars Alphabet and London look great! Thanks for commenting on my blog but I couldn't reply since you have noreply-comment.

  2. ohhh sorry.
    thank you. !! :) how do i make it reply-able?