Monday, August 4, 2014

Long and Crazy Weekend

Boy has this weekend been crazy. 

I spent Thursday and Friday night at my parents house, to help my mom out.
Thursday afternoon we took the dogs for a ride to go get my father's paycheck on the way home we stopped at a car dealership. Ma needs a new car so were shopping around and dad's being a stubborn portugie. After that Me and ma went shopping, went a little crazy in the craft store, then we came home and took Nana shopping. 

Busy busy day..

Ugh then Friday came.. woke up early to take poor Sadie Girl to the vets to be fixed, did a few more errends and then finally got to pick her up at 4pm. Poor thing was so miserable, She didn't wanna be with anyone but me. :) What a horrible night that was, i slept on the sofa to keep an eye on her because she couldnt move in the crate with the cone on so we took it off. I slept but my ears were on the whole time. Ever sleep like that? Your sleeping but  your aware of everything that is going on.. well I didn't get to bed till 12:30 in the morning and was up at 3:30 because Sadie was crying. I took her out and we cuddled on the couch, but every little thing woke us. Like my brother waking into a bag of cans or someone coming down the stairs.. 

Saturday afternoon I came home were I got to spend some time with Brad and Shadow before he left for work. 

Shadow just lying around, sitting on our friends guitar.

Sunday Bradley and I decided to walk across the city to the cemetery. On the way we passed the Church that Aerosmith had recorded a music video in, and walked through this giantic cemetery and came across Lizzie Borden's grave site. 

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