Monday, June 23, 2014


My life. My Baby. My "Black Beauty". My Everything. She is a very strange, very independent cat. Never wants to be held, or to sit on my lap or even next to me, but no sooner I get up she's right at my feet, weaving in between them, meowing like crazy. Goes to the bathroom every time I do or even if she doesn't use the litter box she'll sit by my feet or if I go in the shower she'll lay by the bathroom door.  Some times she gets this burst of energy and she starts zooming around the house, if you use your imagination pick a Mario Kart race track and you had just used one of thous red mushrooms to give you some extra speed.. that would be here but a little faster sometimes she like lighting... then picture riding over one of the banana peels, that would be her hitting the tile floor sliding every where.

When I moved back home for a short time she use to lay in the sink while I showered.

Yes that would be my cat in a soda box.

Hi !

Heres a better picture. lol.

No more pictures mommy !

Don't let this photo fool you. My backpack isn't on her, she's sleeping in side it.

And she fell asleep like that.

Kitty Bobba Fett

Alieeennnn !!

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