Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sorry I have been away

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, my laptop was broken and had no way of getting it fixed. Thanks to my Nana who bought me a brand new one.  I absolutely love it already.

My new computer. Not the worlds best picture.

I babysat my Nana this weekend since my Aunt and Uncle weren't going to be home. Nana doesn't like to be home alone by herself. and my other Aunt ( Money Grubbing Gold Digging Whore) pretty much spent the whole weekend there too. Like what the hell.

So everyone knows that Coke Cola is doing this Share a Coke thing and the newer bottles have names on them. Well my name will never been seen on pencils, stickers, pens, etc. On Saturday July 12th, at Stop & Shop there was a Coke Cola van parked outside were you could customize your own 7.5 oz ( I think that's the size) can of Coke. I was so surprised that I was able to have a can with my name on it. I over heard a guy say that they only had so many names programmed into the machine. :) So I made me and Bradley one because I couldn't find his name either on a bottle.

This is Sadie Girl. She is an Irish Jack Russel Terrier, She is almost a year old, and a big pain in my butt. Sadie is a very hyper dog, my mother's other dogs couldn't be bothered to play with her. (She's a little punk, and pretty much bullies them) See that chain linked fence in the background Sadie can almost jump over that. She's a little jumper that little one. My Aunt and Uncle live a house away, Sadie loves to play with their dog Levi (He's an Australian Shepherd) they get along perfectly. Oh yeah can you believe Levi is afraid of our little chihuahua, Bailey. I have a video of Sadie and Levi running after each other and I doesn't look like Sadie running all that fast but she runs so fast, she looks like she belongs on a racetrack. 
Princess Leia.

I could take pictures of her all day.
My baby Shadow has been acting strangely, maybe she's starting to whine down, and loosing her kitten ways. But she actually came and sat on the side of me when I called her, she never does that. When we go to bed she usually lays at the bottom of the bed but now she's been laying at the top, on the side of me. Maybe its because I told her (yes I talk to my cat) that I tried to get her a little brother but Brad said no and now she's being an ass kisser so I don't get another kitten. >.<

Sunday, July 13th I was cooking on the grill some drum sticks that were marinated in Budweiser BBQ sauce, a baked potato, and some corn. If you haven't tried grilled corn its amazing. Obviously you shuck the corn, spread butter on it, sprinkle some black pepper on it, roll it up in foil and cook it on the grill till the corn is bright yellow. The corn absorbers  the butter so nicely you wont have to add extra when it comes off the grill. When I was cooking on the grill I got a little board and did this to my hair...

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