Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My lovely animals thou the years

Ted Bundy and Hannibal (Reptar and Stubby's babies)`

Shadow's baby pictures.

Shadow all grown up.

Dallas (My mom's cat, this cat is evil)

Sadie Girl's baby photos. Top Left - the first time we meet little Sadie and picked her out. Top Right - the second time we seen Sadie. Bottom Left - the day we brought her home. Bottom Right - a few days after being home. 

More of Dallas 

More of Shadow

Reptar and Stubby. Top Left - Reptar and Stubby (No lizard was hurt in the making of that photo.) Top Right - Reptar (The other side of the first picture) Bottom Left - Stubby; Just keep swimming just keep swimming. Bottom Right - Reptar

Sadie Girl all grown up; into the biggest pain ever.

Bailey Bean in her Easter dress on the left (baby picture)  and her doing the "Squirrel" as we call it on the right.
Unfortunately I cant find any/all of Bailey's baby pictures.

Reggie and I have no baby pictures. When we got him he was already full grown. 

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