Monday, June 23, 2014

Batman Eternal Issue #1 - 5 (Spoliers)

 To kick things off Commissioner Gordon has been  arrested and a gang war erupts in Gotham City.

Issue #1

New guy, Jason Bard joins the Police Force same day all this is going down. Prof Pyg dosed children with something to make them into dollotrons. Batman shows up to save the day and Gordon takes off to chase someone who he thought was Pyg. He shoots and hits a electrical box causing a small explosion killing the guy he thought was Pyg. The brakes on the train wouldn't work and there was this big crash. Jim has this gut feeling he's being set up but doesn't know by who or why, but lets himself get arrested.

Issue #2
 Gordon is still in jail while Batman is out looking for the truth. Batman finds out Carmine Falcone is behind all this.

Issue #3
Bard visits Gordon in jail and tells him he'll be out soon enough. Batman pays a visit to Penguin to see if he knows the were abouts of Falcone. Cluemaster's daughter walks in on his meeting with other villains and they tell him he has to kill her because she knows to much and then she escapes. Penguin is having a meeting with his people when he gets the word that twelve of his weapon depots are being attacked and declares the city is going to war. Jack Forbes becomes the new Interim Commissioner and then declares Gotham City goes to war against Batman. 

Issue #4
Gordon gets denied bail and is sent to Blackgate Prison. Batgirl goes crazy with rage beating Pyg's henchmen up for information. Batman breaks into Falcone's penthouse, beats up his goons and then threatens Falcone that he will be watching him. Gordon is placed in his jail cell and all the inmates are telling him he's a dead meat. Gordon's cell mate tells him he's luck if he even makes it a day.

Issue #5

The children Gordon were saving from Pyg were still in the hospital but not from stuff Pyg had sprayed but to flu like symptoms. Vicki Vale is becoming angry with the Gazette because they just want her to write about Gordon while they hire high school interns to write other stories when she had to fight to the top to get where she was. Red Robin shows up and figures out something before Batman does. Something about a Nano-bots Swarm. Batman tells Red Robin they should work together then takes off two seconds to go check out Penguins depots that are under attack. Vicki thinks its a cool idea (to me its crazy) if she takes the new intern down to the Narrows to ask a bunch of thugs about Falcone. They were saved by a girl named Harper, who later on puts Vicki in her place. The thugs show up at Harper's place and kick her door off the hinges and even before they could do anything Red Robin falls right through the ceiling along with a blue stream of Nano-bots. Red Robin figures out a command to make them become dormant. Just as Red Robin commanded the nano-bots to go dormant the Nano-bots either went into Harper's friend Cullen or came out of him (the comic book made it under clear) then falls  on the floor.

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